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About Us:

Mr. Hector Bernier, a World War I Air Force Veteran, observed the Lorries in England transporting patients from the docks in Brittany. It so inspired him, that after returning home to Danielson, Connecticut he worked to raise funds through the American Legion Post # 21 for the purchase of a 1939 Buick Ambulance for the cost of $ 3900.00. The 11 members who helped raise these funds then became the first members of the Ambulance Corps, and Daniel O’Leary was made the first Captain of the Corps.

The Ambulance Corp is believed to be the first known volunteer Ambulance Corps, in the United States. On January 18, 1950 the title of the Corps was transferred to the Leo J. L’ Homme American Legion Post # 21. Service started under Post # 21 on January 26, 1950 after the purchase of a new ambulance for $ 7,000.00 which was raised through donations by the residents of Killingly and Brooklyn.

The Ambulance Corps continued to operate a free service with 18 volunteer members serving the towns of Killingly and Brooklyn. In 1980, Killingly-Brooklyn Ambulance moved to its current location, a former body shop retrofitted to meet the Corps needs. In the early 1990’s, the town of Brooklyn formed its own ambulance service.

The Killingly-Brooklyn Ambulance then became the K-B Ambulance Corps, Inc. In 1995 KB has since added a full time paid administrator, two full time EMTs. By 1997 KB had an Administrator, four full time EMTs, two part time EMTs. Today the full time KB staff consists of an Administrator, Operations Manager, Supervisor and 6 full time EMTs and 1 part time EMTs. KB also has a volunteer staff consisting of 26 Emergency Medical Technicians and 24 Emergency Medical Responders.

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